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Monotube Sampling Probe

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For transbronchial biopsy sampling of tissue on respitory intervention
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  • DT-EN-W122

Product Description

For transbronchial biopsy sampling of tissue on respitory intervention

Monotube sampling probe is a monotube cytoneedle, with steel wire (or called needle core)connecting pinhead directly. On the far end, a side port is designed beside needle. It is convenient to use as there is no inner core and just one needle and monotube. There is no steel wire occlusion in needle tube. 


﹒Used for cytologic examination for lesion on mediastina and hilum pulmonis 

﹒Unobstructed suction cavity for large sample obtaining. 

﹒Inherit 30 years’ classical advantages of soft needle

Operational method: 

1. Pull the steel wire cap outward before inserting the needle to biopsy channel, and confirm the needlepoint is located in metal helmet on end section.

2. Withdraw the needle in the puncture needle tube under direct vision of endoscope, and the assistant fixes steel wire cap at the joint of needle tube and steel wire cap. 

3. Send needle to lesion. 

4. The assistant sucks the work drum to position of 10ml with negative pressure, lock and fix piston, then ta



Length of needle

Outer tube diameter

Effective length



14 mm

1.8 mm

1200 mm

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