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Liu Bingrong, doctor of medicine, postdoctoral fellow, chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor, President of digestive disease hospital of the first affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University, outstanding scientific and technological innovation talents of Henan Province. Prof. Liu is engaged in clinical, teaching and scientific research work of digestive medicine for more than 30 years, with solid theoretical basis and rich clinical experience. In China, Prof. Liu carried out many endoscopic techniques early. These are endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD), endoscopic intrinsic muscular delamination (EMD), endoscopic whole-layer resection of digestive tract (EFR), endoscopic esophageal tunnel therapy for sub mucosal tumor (tEMD), and endoscopic myotomy for achalasia of cardia (POEM). Prof. Liu is proficient in the routine diagnosis and treatment techniques of digestive endoscopy, such as gastrointestinal polypectomy, esophageal and gastric varicose ligation, ERCP, gastrointestinal (giant) mesenchyma resection, etc. 
Prof. Liu has created and completed a series of world-first technologies, such as: 1.Endoscopic treatment of retrograde appendicitis(ERAT) 2. Liu POEM; 3.Ectopic pregnancy via gastric NOTES 4. Ovarian cyst removal; 5. Endoscopic gastrostomy for the treatment of pancreatic pseudocyst; 6. Pure NOTES cholecystolithotomy via transrectal approach and cholecystectomy; 7. Endoscopic retrograde appendectomy through cecum (ETCA); 8. Endoscopic gastric mucosa stripping (weight loss) (EGMA), etc.
A large number of highly difficult endoscopic treatments have been completed and numerous critical patients have been rescued. These clinical endoscopy works have been recognized by international experts, and the research results have made with speeches at top international academic conferences such as American digestive disease week (DDW), European digestive disease week (UEGW) and European society for endoscopic surgery (EAES) annual meeting.
Research papers are published by well-known magazines journal of Gastroenterology, "the American Journal of Gastroenterology", "the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, and the Surgical Endoscopy".

Prof. Liu has presided over more than 10 scientific research projects, including 2 general projects of the national natural science foundation of China. 35 SCI papers have been published as the first author or corresponding author, 4 of which have an impact factor of more than 10 points, and the cumulative impact factor is 144.146 points. It has won 8 first prizes of provincial medical new technology, 9 patents of utility model and national invention.

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