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Sampling probe with adjustable hardness

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For transbronchial biopsy sampling of tissue on respitory intervention
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  • DT-EN-W420

Product Description

For transbronchial biopsy sampling of tissue on respitory intervention

Sampling probe with adjustable hardness is a twin pipe harpoon with hose inner tube, and screw cap is connected by steel wire. The principle is the same as EN-W320, but the steel wire is not connected with work drum. The hardness of outer tube is adjustable. Retract the steel wire by 3-5 cm when sucking.

Product characteristics
1. Suitable for paracentesis for central and peripheral pulmonary lesion.

2. Adjustable hardness meets requirements of difficult paracentesis. 
3. Needle core is concealed, which brings more convenience and decreases accidental injury. 

4. Transparent outer tube facilitates observing needle and sample in tube.

Operational method:

1. Confirm the needle point is located in metal helmet on end section before inserting the needle to biopsy channel.

2. Withdraw the puncture needle tube under direct vision of endoscope, and the assistant connects inner tube cap and outer tube cap to fix them.

3. Retract the steel wire into needlepoint bevel to facilitate sending needle to focus.

4. Withdraw steel wire by 3-5cm, pull work drum with negative pressure to suck to position of 10ml, fix the piston, and take samples.

5. Remove negative pressure, withdraw the needlepoint to the back of needle tube helmet and take puncture needle out of body through endoscope channel.

6. Align puncture needle to slide, thrust out needlepoint, push sample to slide, to prevent sample for clogging, fix the sample to 95% alcohol for inspection.

7. After the work drum pushes sample outward, further push steel wire out through steel wire cap to push out sample and prevent clogging, and retract the inner tab cap, withdraw the needlepoint to hoop at far end for reuse.




Length of needle

Outer tube diameter

Effective length



14 mm

1.8 mm

1200 mm

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