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Transbroncial Sparay Tube

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For the medicine therapy during the surgery procedure
Price: $ 1

Product Description

For the medicine therapy during the surgery procedure

Model   & SpecificationNeedle Size Working LenghOuter Tube   DiameterEffective   Length

DT-ST-18-12-A1.81200Linear TypeBronchoscope
DT-ST-18-12-B1.81200Atomizing   TypeBronchoscope
DT-ST-18-18-A1.81800Linear TypeUltrafine Gastroscope
DT-ST-18-18-B1.81800Atomizing   TypeUltrafine Gastroscope
DT-ST-18-26-A1.82600Linear TypeEnteroscope
DT-ST-18-26-B1.82600Atomizing   TypeEnteroscope
DT-ST-23-18-A2.31800Linear TypeGastroscope
DT-ST-23-18-B2.31800Atomizing   TypeGastroscope
DT-ST-23-23-A2.32300Linear TypeEnteroscope
DT-ST-23-23-B2.32300Atomizing   TypeEnteroscope

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