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  • Pancreatic Diseases with Endoscopic Treatment

    Pancreatic Diseases with Endoscopic TreatmentPancreatic diseases keep rising with high morbidity in recent years. At the same time, endoscopic operations are replacing open surgeries to some extent in treating pancreatic diseases. As early as 1983, stent implantation was successfully adopted clinically. We all know that biliary stents are recommended to treat malignant stenosis, and for benign stricture, it is lacking in clinical evidence due to complicated disease incentives; while stents play important roles in treating both benign and malignant pancreatic diseases. Read More

  • Important Tips of Enteric Stent Successful Placement for Malignant Stenosis

    The rate of successful operation for enteric stent implantation could be higher than 90%. With stent implantation, it could solve the acute obstruction and promise the patency of the cavity within short term in order to prepare for further operation. With 20 years’ clinical practice, the palliative effect of rectal stents got confirmation of worldwide researchers. Here we wish to give you some suggestions which are from UEG education and stent manufacturers. We believe they are useful and could facilitate stent release procedures and reduce pain for the patients. Read More

  • An endoscopic technology recommended by Chinese physicians to treat appendicitis

    Even physicians of digestive endoscopy were shocked at the beginning when they heard that appendicitis could be treated by colonoscopy.In fact, physicians in China have done a lot of research and practices in this regard. In 2009, Prof. Liu Bingrong, who was in the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Read More

  • One case of endoscopic duodenal papillary plasty

    One 78-year-old female patient was admitted to hospital on June 1, 2018 due to "intermittent abdominal pain with fever for 10 days".Cholecystolithiasis after cholecystectomy is the patient's history.The patient was diagnosed with acute cholangitis and choledocholithiasis.

    Treatment: the patient was given fasting and anti-infection treatment after admission, and underwent endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) on June 6, 2018 .The papilla was cut, and multiple stones and purulent secretions were repeatedly removed with stone basket and balloon. A 7.0 Fr x 20 cm plastic stent, modified by nasal biliary tube was then inserted into the bile duct. Then we performed the duodenal papilla plasty. Read More

  • Matters requiring attention in the operation of biopsy

    Biopsy, upon the request of diagnosis and treatment, refers to the pathological examination technology of taking the lesion tissue samples from the body of the patient by cutting, forceps grasping, or puncturing the tissues. It is the final gold standard for disease diagnosis. Read More

  • Research on Treatment Instrument and Compounding Technology of Foreign Bodies in Upper GI

    Ingestion of foreign bodies or food impaction is a common gastrointestinal emergency. For the foreign bodies in the upper digestive tract, the traditional treatment methods are emergency surgical removal of foreign bodies or oral administration of some food to promote the natural expulsion of foreig Read More

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