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  • Pancreatic Diseases with Endoscopic Treatment

    Pancreatic Diseases with Endoscopic TreatmentPancreatic diseases keep rising with high morbidity in recent years. At the same time, endoscopic operations are replacing open surgeries to some extent in treating pancreatic diseases. As early as 1983, stent implantation was successfully adopted clinically. We all know that biliary stents are recommended to treat malignant stenosis, and for benign stricture, it is lacking in clinical evidence due to complicated disease incentives; while stents play important roles in treating both benign and malignant pancreatic diseases. Read More

  • Important Tips of Enteric Stent Successful Placement for Malignant Stenosis

    The rate of successful operation for enteric stent implantation could be higher than 90%. With stent implantation, it could solve the acute obstruction and promise the patency of the cavity within short term in order to prepare for further operation. With 20 years’ clinical practice, the palliative effect of rectal stents got confirmation of worldwide researchers. Here we wish to give you some suggestions which are from UEG education and stent manufacturers. We believe they are useful and could facilitate stent release procedures and reduce pain for the patients. Read More

  • Endoscopic management of esophageal stenosis after ESD for early esophageal cancer

    The successful rate and management of complications are the core factors of whether an operation can be well promoted and benefit patients.
    This article focuses on Chinese endoscopic physician's experience and experience in the treatment of stenosis in ESD surgical complications in recent years. Read More

  • Looking for BETTER WAYS to prevent the esophageal stenosis after ESD

    The main complication after ESD is esophageal stenosis.
    At present, finding better ways to prevent esophageal stenosis has become a difficult program in the world wide.
    Based on this, this paper briefly introduces the factors related with stenosis after ESD operation in large area of early esophageal cancer and analyzes the effect of current prevention measures for stenosis.
    Read More

  • Therapeutic program of GERD in China

    Compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, GERD treatment in China is still dominated by drugs, and the understanding of surgical treatment is limited. Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery (laparoscopic esophageal hiatal hernia repair and gastric bottom folding )in China is still in the promotion stage, surgeons need to participate in a lot of standardized training, to ensure the success rate of surgery, and to reduce postoperative recurrence and complications. This is an excerpt from multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment consensus of GERD in China. Read More

  • Cyst Probe and Monitoring --10 errors in pancreatic cystic tumor diagnosis

    In this article, we discuss possible and relevant errors in PCN diagnosis, monitoring, and management, and suggest strategies to avoid them. The sources of these strategic recommendations are based primarily on the recently published PCN evidence-based guidelines in Europe. Read More

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