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The first ERCP training base of WEO established in JIANGSU PROVINCE HOSPITAL

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Recently, World Endoscopy Organization, (WEO) officially announced that digestive endoscopy department of JIANGSU PROVINCE HOSPITAL was selected as "WEO - ERCP training base", which is the first WEO- ERCP endorsement Fellowship program world widely.



This project officially recruits ERCP students from all over the world, aiming to improve the quality and standard of diagnosis and treatment of biliopancreatic endoscopy, and promote the global development of minimally invasive treatment of digestive endoscopy.



Founded in 1962, WEO is a non-profit global organization that aims to lead the promotion of standards and quality of endoscopic technology worldwide through enhanced international cooperation and training and education opportunities.


This ERCP training program is jointly initiated by Professor Fan Zhining who propose to build WEO endoscopic branch in Asia, relying on the high quality and technology platform in China, with the purpose to improve digestive endoscopic diagnosis and treatment all over the world especially "One Belt And One Road" countries.





May 2018 first committee meeting of biliopancreatic endoscopy of WEO endoscopic branch in Asia


Oct 2018 second committee meeting of biliopancreatic endoscopy of WEO endoscopic branch in Asia



As the deputy secretary-general of branch committee member and the deputy head of the committee members the surgical group, as the candidate of deputy committee member of Jiangsu province digestive endoscopy, as the director of the digestive endoscopy of Jiangsu Province Hospital, Prof. Fan Zhining develops the digestive endoscopy with integration of multiple disciplines, combining the experience of endoscopy and open surgery, and aims to open up new mode of digestive disease diagnosis and treatment. Digestive endoscopy of Jiangsu Province Hospital has the first-class digestive endoscopy expert team. In addition to the routine examination and treatment, it experts on incurable diseases, especially the early diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer and benign tumor, such as ERCP, ESD, EUS, endoscopy and laparoscopy jointly technology. It boasts the high reputation at home and abroad with its stent and its innovation on endoscopic minimally invasive technology.


Presently, Jiangsu Province Hospital is the training base of digestive endoscopy of Chinese Medical Association, the institute of digestive endoscopy of Nanjing Medical University, the training base of World Anti-cancer Union and the training base of clinical medical scientists of Asia-Pacific Gastrointestinal Society. Till now, it has completed the clinical training of one physician from Sri Lanka and one from Pakistan, and the two-year joint training program of Egyptian clinicians.


Joint training program for Egyptian doctors in China


International course on digestive endoscopy 2019


The arrival of the international ERCP training base in JIANGSU PROVINCE HOSPITAL will further promote the international development of JIANGSU PROVINCE HOSPITAL and promote the communication with international experts. This training program will provide a technical training and communication platform for digestive endoscopy physicians around the world, and effectively improve the international reputation and influence of JIANGSU PROVINCE HOSPITAL in the field of digestive endoscopy.


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