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Research on Treatment Instrument and Compounding Technology of Foreign Bodies in Upper GI

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Ingestion of foreign bodies or food impaction is a common gastrointestinal emergency. For the foreign bodies in the upper digestive tract, the traditional treatment methods are emergency surgical removal of foreign bodies or oral administration of some food to promote the natural expulsion of foreign bodies; these methods are more dangerous, with more complications, which lead to pain of the patients.


With the development of endoscopic interventional therapy in recent years, more and more cases are solved by endoscopic technology, and fewer and fewer cases require surgical treatment. For a small number of foreign bodies that cannot be removed with symptoms of obstruction or peritoneal irritation, surgical intervention is performed.


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This paper investigated foreign body removal cases in the upper digestive tract which were made by endoscopy in digestive endoscopy center of Chinese PLA General Hospital from January 2001 to April 2008.


Endoscopic foreign body removal requires not only the operator's operation technique, but also the assistant's cooperation. It requires the operator to perform delicately and carefully. When the foreign body is taken out from GI tract, it cannot be carried out urgently and roughly. Otherwise it may cause serious complications such as perforation and massive bleeding.


At the same time it also requires the assistant to cooperate with tacit understanding, appropriate technique and with experienced feeling by hand. The treatment of the foreign body in the upper digestive tract should be related with the type and nature of the foreign body, so as to choose different medical instruments in different operations.


The patient's medical history should be inquired before the operation. Corresponding medical equipment and accessories should be prepared according to patient’s situation and the nature of the foreign body.


We summarize in the below a table for different types of foreign bodies and the devices used to handle these foreign bodies:



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