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Endoscopic training, we do wholeheartedly ------2019 International Exchange Week of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital

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From being far behind to standing at the forefront of the world's academic, practice and exploration of digestive endoscopy, China's success in digestive endoscopy industry is founded on the dedication of predecessors and experts, who are willing to give their shoulder as the ladder of the students on the road of progress. Professor Fan Zhining of Provincial People's Hospital inherits the spirit of the older generation, and creates a number of advanced technologies in endoscopic surgery practice at home and abroad. Being far as Harvard, getting close to the early endoscopic cancer screening in city and town hospitals, there are many students of Professor Fan zhining. More and more people in endoscopic industry gathered around Professor Fan Zhining, jointly committed to the cause of digestive endoscopy and efforts. As a result, today we carry out the "One Belt and One Road" international training course on digestive endoscopy.


The organizer and holder of this training is the People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province, and it shall last for 7 days. The participants of this training are 10 students from the "One Belt And One Road" countries including Egypt, Mauritius, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. Among them, Egyptian student Mohammed has been studying in the hospital for one year, and Mauritian students have come to study for the third time. In the past, Prof. Fan also did the training for Sri Lankan doctors sent by the World Cancer Association, Pakistani students sent by the clinical medical scientist institution of the Asia-Pacific Gastroenteroscopy Association, and received visit students from Manchester Metropolitan University, Macau, Guatemala and other countries. The objective of this training is to provide structured professional theoretical guidance for international students and help them improve their operational technique on ERCP, ESD, EUS, so as to further establish a friendly training alliance of doctors from several countries on the basis of professional education platform, in order to further expand the international influence of Jiangsu health.


Clinical work achievements

1. In the past five years, there are more than 80,000 cases of digestive internal therapy annually.


Scientific research achievements

1. Prof. Fan Zhining published more than 60 SCI papers in the past 20 years and published more than 50 papers as the first author and corresponding author, including journals such as Lancet, GIE, ENDOSCOPE.


2. Prof. Fan Zhining won a third prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu province and a third prize of Chinese Medicine. Prof. Fan Zhining won more than 20 national provincial and municipal awards, including a second prize from the Ministry of Education.


Training Diary , October 21, 2019

Following a warm welcome from the head of the hospital, Dr. Mohammad Khaskia, an Egyptian associate professor, shared his learning experiences during the year. Mohammad Khaskia said that his study in the hospital was his ideal endoscopic study. In the professional, harmonious and dedicated study atmosphere, he improved rapidly and shortened his time to become an excellent endoscope doctor.  At the same time, he was impressed by warmth and care he received from the colleagues in the hospital. He was eager to tell more of his Egyptian classmates how much they could benefit from studying here. During the first day’s hands-on training, Mohammad performed his skills and showed an good example for other new trainees.


I had the honor to participate in the process of hand - in - hand training, as a tutor's assistant, I feel quite a lot. The first impression is that the tutor is so good at teaching. He not only taught the key points of "operation", but also spread the spirit of a doctor, benevolence, which is displayed through each action and expression.


Comprehensive and exquisite technique is recognized as the advantage of Chinese endoscopic physicians. (This is related to the inheritance of our farming culture and manual art for thousands of years.) The focus of today's training is ESD demonstration and practice. Professor Fan's operation guidance is very concise and to the point. The rotation of the endoscope and the coordination of the selection of instruments are easily understanding in Professor Fan's demonstration. With his method, the mucosa layer could be dissected accurately and quickly, and the perforation risk can be prevented to the best extent.


My second feeling is the students' tireless learning spirit and the quality of earnest, diligence and modesty. I am shocked by the extraordinary quality that a good doctor is required. The basic is a robust body and unremitting energy. During the course of the training, none of the students thought about having lunch. What they did was practicing over and over again. There were a number of experienced Chinese physicians on site. Some of them cannot speak very fluent English, but by the translation and body language, the students could understand the essence of their guidance and they also had fun in this vivid training process. Imperceptibly, even our lovely photographer put on a surgical suit, and became the assistant in training.


Here, there is no boundary between students from different countries, we are just immersed in the exchange of heart and skills. Here, all difficulties could be overcome together.



Training diary, October 22, 2019

Every day we have theory training plus hands- on practice, theory is what accumulated by the professional physicians over years and taught with outline and focus.

Today's theoretical course is dedicated by two experts from the provincial people's hospital:

Endoscopic management for Esophageal Benign Stricture in Children

EUS training


The next afternoon, our tutor did in vivo ESD ERCP POEM for us. Thanks to this lovely animal for his medical contributions.


In the operation, the tutor explained in details about the difference between the gastrointestinal structure of animals and that of humans, including the reason why pig was selected for the operation. After listening to the teacher's explanation, the students devoted themselves again on the practice of ESD and ERCP.


Students in Uzbekistan had the basis of endoscope handling. After two days learning, they can operate the whole process of ESD with correct surgical instruments and complete mucosal dissection. The doctor from Mauritius has mastered ESD himself. He did not forget to instruct his fellow doctors, and sometimes he exchanged advice with Chinese physician.


Training diary, October 23rd , 2019

Today's theoretical course is very practical, they are :

Stent intervention for Gastrointestinal diseases

Clinical Diagnosis and Management for Intestinal Bleeding

The Association between toxins of helicobacter pylori and gastric diseases


Today's hands-0n training is still ESD, ERCP in vitro

Students continued to consolidate their learning achievements.


Training diary, October 24th , 2019

Today's highlight is EUS technical training, which includes the following courses:


Eus-guided injection Therapy of Pancreatic Neuroendoscrime Tumors

EUS Diagnosis and Treatment for Digestive Disease

Clinical Advance of OverStitch application

The Role of Endoscopic Ultrasound for Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors


Today the tutor demonstrated EUS endoscopic surgery. Although EUS is a technically difficult and professional, students did not slack off. They seriously recorded the comments of tutor’s and carefully observed in vitro lectures.



At the end of the four-day- training course, the students and tutors had a discussion on the way of the training, the situation of everyone's learning and mastery. The collision of ideas and achievements were always delightful. All in all, we will maintain a consistently rigorous attitude, full enthusiasm, the spirit of pursuing excellence, in order to carry out better trainings, to push forward the inherit of endoscopy grand career.

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