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Tender Preparation for High Value Medical Disposables

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Tender Preparation for High Value Medical Disposables

The purpose of medical disposables purchase is to standardize purchase practice, lower purchasing price and ensure the quality of medical device.

The tender work is done in these principles in China:

1. Price deduction has become the theme in medical reform.

2. Each provincial government shall organize centralized purchasing by web. Every medical centers and hospitals, profitable or non-profitable, are not allowed to avoid centralized purchasing procedure.

3. Product tenders are managed according to tender catalogues.

4. Flatten the circulation process. Encourage the local manufacturer to bid directly and encourage the local manufacturer to sell devices to hospitals directly.


Key points to pay attention in hospital tenders:

1. Watch carefully on the tender catalogue and pay attention to the time when the products are listed on the tender catalogue.

2. Remark on the working schedule to avoid missing the time of tender.

3. Study the evaluation principles, for example, the enter mechanism and elimination mechanism, technical parameter evaluation (how and when it is evaluated) and price competition information (how and when it is evaluated).

4. Pay attention that whether there is price discussion procedure.

5. During the publication term of tender result, react positively towards the voice from competitor.  

6. Check whether the price fluctuates after getting the tender.


The process of tender handling procedures for medical disposables:

1. Application registration

2. Buy bid documents

3. Log in the data required in tender by paper or by web

4. Demonstration for tender bidding

5. Prepare documents requested by bid documents

6. Supply bid documents

7. Pre- qualification

8. Register with keys

9. System confirmation for information

10. Quote the price for tender

11. Tender open/ information collection

12. Price competition/ information collection

13. Price discussion

14. Result publication

15. Receive notice for winning the tender/ signing the contract

16. Pay the agent for tender service

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