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Stent Treatment of Esophago-tracheal Fistula Caused By Button Cell Battery

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Esophago-tracheal Fistula Caused by Button Cell Battery

Button cell battery asesophageal foreign body has rarelybeen reported before. However, statistics indicatethe occurrence rate of button cell battery swallowing by accidentis ten cases in one million, among which children have the highest occurrence rate. 

The electrolyte leakage of battery shall lead to alkali burn, mercury poisoning and compression injury. The residual symptoms are esophageal perforation, esophageal fistula and esophageal stricture. The serious complication is esophago-tracheal fistula which may lead to death. 

1h duration of battery in esophagus may scald the esophagus and 4h of battery staying in human body may destroy the mucosa layer. 

Timely detection of button cell battery in human body and foreign body removal at shortest term could reduce the harm brought by the battery. Reducing the duration time of battery in human body and protecting the corrosive trauma are key points of successful treatment. 

On Sep 25th 2018, Children Hospital in Nanjing received an infant, age 14 months, who suffered withesophago-tracheal fistula caused by button cell battery. The fistula is 11cm below theincisor. Once the esophago-tracheal fistula is formed, food and gastric liquid may flow to the tracheal. The fatal reasons would be pneumonia, asphyxia or hematosepsis. 

Prof. Fan Zhining treated the infant patient by implanting a covered metal stent. The stent is individualized according to the lesion. Prof. Fan has successfully applied stent implantation in two cases of children esophageal fistula caused by button cell battery. This minimal invasive operation has the advantage of less trauma and quick recovery. After two weeks, the fistula is sealed and the children could leave the hospital. 

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