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Pakistan training

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Since the year 2013, Prof. Fan Zhining from People’s Provincial Hospital have been invited by Pakistan Endoscopic President Prof. Aamir Ghafoor Khan to attend the PSG congress in Pakistan.  

Together with Prof. Fan Zhining, my Pakistan trip started. 

Having visited many cities in Europe, such as Aachen, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul, Pakistan is the first city in Asia impressed me with its beautiful mountain view, its exquisite art in traditional garments, its political reform, and its people’s friendship and the physician’s enthusiasm on endoscopic technique. 

In 2013, Prof. Fan Zhining performed the first case of POEM operation in Pakistan. Every year he goes to Pakistan, he is warmly welcomed by local physician and his students. Now ERCP, ESD, EMR operations are commonly carried out in Pakistan. 

Since 2018, under the guide of Chinese President Xi JinPing, the government and our medical workers have also embarked on the “one road, one belt”project. For our endoscopic trainings along the “one road , one belt” countries, we are going to put great endeavors with common goal of healthier life and eternal friendship. 

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