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High Value Medical Disposables Categories and Features

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High Value Medical Disposables Categories and Features


Since 2013, Chinese MOH has started to issue and executed policy about purchasing work regulations on high value medical disposables. The purchasing mode tends to be centralized purchasing with large quantity by provincial MOH or other governmental purchasing authorities.

The evaluation principle of high value medical disposables is also changing into proper balance between price and quality. Economic considerations have been taken into account more and more in high value medical disposables purchasing.


What are high value medical disposables?

The high value medical disposables refer to those devices with comparably higher price and its value is transferred to cost by single use. Comparing with low value disposables, safety and strict production control are vital points of high value medical disposables. In China, low value disposables and high value disposables totally account for 15% - 20% of hospital cost expenditure. In China, the usage ratio of medical disposable and medicine is 1:3, while in developed countries, this ratio is 1:1.


High value medical disposables include these categories:

. Vascular interventions—catheter, guide wire, balloon catheter, stent

. Non-vascular interventions--- catheter, guide wire, balloon catheter, stent and material of endoscope

. Orthopaedic implants---spinal plate, nail, frames, artificial bone, other material for fixation.

. Neurosurgery--intracranial implants, filler.

. Electrophysiology—mapping catheter, ablation catheter

. Pacemaker—permanent and temporary pace-making catheter, implantable cardioverter defibrillator, pace-making guide wire

. Cardiopulmonary bypass and blood purification-- artificial cardiopulmonary accessory materials, dialysis line, filter, separator

. Ophthalmic material—crystals, filler

. Dental department: impression, implantation, repair of maxillofacial trauma, filler, root canal therapy, adhesions, dentures, orthodontics, orthodontics, orthodontics

. Others--artificial valve, artificial patch, artificial vascular, high polymer medical material.

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