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Gastrointestinal Metal Stent Implantation

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Training Goal: The lecture is aimed to provide physicians with GI metal stent implantation technique.
It includes Esophageal stent and biliary stent implantation technique (hand by hand),Stent implantation and complications solution
,Indications of metal stents implantation. It features in PROFESSIONAL Training and considerate backup service.
Price: $ 1
  • Application requirement: physicians, nurses, medical engineers

  • Gastrointestinal Stents Implanting, indications, complication handling, esophageal stent and biliary stent implantation technique

  • Training time:3 months ; application till Aug 31st, 2019

  • Application Fee (included in the whole training package):negotiate


Training Introduction

  • With more than 20 years of rich experience and extensive patient cases, Chinese endoscopy physicians have provided high-quality training and cross-cultural academic exchange programs for doctors in many countries around the world, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, etc. Among them, Professor Fan Zhining's international conference on endoscopy technology and the "One Belt And One Road" training program cooperated with Prof. Aamir Ghafoor Khan from Pakistan, and Professor Liu Bingrong's  NOTES conference in Central China were with great influence and sound effect.

  • The extensive development and leading technology of digestive endoscopy in China are rooted in the spirit of Chinese doctors' research and exploration, which benefit from the large population base and frequent occurrence of digestive diseases. Here, we feel especially grateful for these professors whose unremitting efforts  making contributions to the development of Chinese endoscopic techniques. They are former President of the European Society of digestive endoscopy, Jose armengol miro, former President of the world organization of endoscopic surgery Alberto Montori, they led numerous Chinese doctors in their endoscopic career, with their superb technique and tireless spirit. We would also like to thank the current president of WEO Prof. François Rey , and former president Prof. Nageshwar Reddy,, who are  guiding the standardization of ERCP and endoscopy in China and Asia.

  • We believe that in the medical field of digestive endoscopy, which is developing continuously and leading the future trend, cross-cultural communication can bring patients from various countries the optimal surgical plan, the best endoscopy doctors and the most advanced operation concepts.


Training Features



Lecture Schedule

 Training Goal: 

  • Indications of metal stents implantation

  • Esophageal stent and biliary stent implantation technique (hand by hand) 

  • Stent implantation and complications solution 


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