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Esophageal UES Stents

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Product Description

Esophageal UES Stents


Upper Esophageal Spincter Cancer

Performance Characteristics:

Proximal special design to allieviate foreign body sensation

Elastic covering to resist tumor inner growth

Radiopaque markers for clearer visibility

Extraction threads for removal and repositioning

Distal and proximal deployment

Delivery system with markers for better position accuracy

Customized stent is recommended


REF Middle/Ends Dia. (mm)

Length  (mm)

Product illustration Repositioning Introducer System
Push type Knot type
Fully covered
GS-1-03-20080 20 / 26 80
Yes 24Fr/18Fr*700mm 18Fr*650mm
GS-1-03-20100 20 / 26 100 Yes 24Fr/18Fr*700mm 18Fr*650mm
GS-1-03-20120 20 / 26 120 No 24Fr/18Fr*700mm 18Fr*650mm
GS-1-03-24080 24 / 30 80 Yes 24Fr/18Fr*700mm 18Fr*650mm
GS-1-03-24100 24 / 30 100 Yes 24Fr/18Fr*700mm 18Fr*650mm
GS-1-03-24120 24 / 30 120 No 24Fr/18Fr*700mm 18Fr*650mm

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