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An operation clinical advice on balloon dilation treatment of achalasia of cardia

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An operation clinical advice on balloon dilation treatment of achalasia of cardia


POEM is a newly developed minimally invasive operation in the treatment of achalasia. Due to its higher technical requirements, such as endoscopic mucosal dissection and the management of serious complications in related departments, it is only carried out in several large endoscopic centers in China for the past five years.

In the large proportion of city hospitals, balloon dilatation and botox injection are currently widely applied as these methods are relatively simple, especially endoscopic balloon dilatation, which is currently widely used in clinical practice and is considered as the most effective non-surgical treatment for cardia achalasia.

Hanzhong Central Hospital, department of Shaanxi province, combined with previous literature reports, selected balloon dilation with diameter 3.0 cm to reduce the risk of perforation to make part of LES muscle fiber fracture, and then combined with botox injection to relax its muscles and reduce LES pressure.

Based on 21 cases study, follow-up data and comparison, it is found that the balloon expansion combining with botox treatment is effective. For 3, 6 and 12 months following up study, its efficiency were significantly higher than that of pure balloon expansion or stent implantation or botox treatment, the difference had statistical meaning. (Due to the low incidence of the disease, 21 patients were admitted to our hospital in the past 4 years. No specific classification was conducted for each patient, and the comparison of the treatment effect was made only by statistical analysis.)


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