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APC and its working principle?

Argon Plasma Coagulation, APC in short, is another extended use of high frequency coagulation technology. In APC treatment, the high frequency electricity does not touch the target tissue directly, and it transfers the electricity power onto the tissue by argon ion beam. In this regard, it displays more advantages in comparison with direct touch treatment of high frequency electricity. 

Argon gas is inert gas without toxicity. According to the physical principle, the argon gas beam shall avoid the coagulated area (high impedance)and flow to bleeding lesions or area that is not coagulated(low impedance). This is the best feature of argon gas, which could automatically change the coagulation direction onto the lesion. It could achieve lateral coagulation effect which other device could not do. 

In the operation, protrude the tube from the endoscopic channel. The tube is with insulated ceramic head and connected with argon gas generator. Keep the tube tip at a distance 0.3~0.5cm to the lesion. Exert argon ion beam treatment , every time last 1~3 seconds. The lesion shall change to yellow , white or even black color. 

The treatment times are decided according to polyps size, and location. 

The best advantage of APC treatment is to avoid the risk of perforation. 

Normally the coagulation depth is ≤3 mm due to its features. 

APC treatment is clinically solely used or combined used with high frequency knife to dissect and treat GI polyps. 

It could have remarkable effect on small lesion inactivation and coagulation. 

There is also clinical researches indicate that APC combining with Esomeprazole Magnesium Enteric- coated Tablets have good treatment effect on Barrett esophagus.

The disadvantage of APC is that it destroys the lesion tissue and therefore complete pathological sample could not be obtained after APC treatment. 

APC ion coagulation is especially suitable for flat polyps which is hardly be cut by polyps snare. 

With combination of high frequency electricity, this treatment could eradicate polyps without pedicle or polyps with large pedicle.  With the APC inactivation of small lesions, it could effectively lower the rate of polyps recrudesce. 

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